Bridal Shower Invites

I have been working very hard on my sisters bridal shower invites.  I want them to be perfect for her and she can be very picky. I found a great lake blue and cream paper, and a matching mum flower stamp that inspired me. I began sketching and made a couple changes to get the final product.

Image Bridal Shower Cards

They are in the mail, I will post more photos of the finish project in my illustration gallery. You can see some of my first sketches in the sketch gallery.

No one could be more happier, for the ending of this project then my little puppy. She kept a close eye on me.(You can see her favorite spot on a chair in the next room) Every once and a while she required a play break.

This weekend I finally finished (all 85) and shipped them off. Thank goodness all the stamping, sketching and hand addressing is done, it was fun project.

Dog with Ears up shower invites project

Now back to her table numbers. :)


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